We Want to Be Your Partner

Progressive Medical Concepts provides sales and rental of medical equipment and supplies to the long term care community. Our home office is located in the greater Atlanta area and we primarily serve the southeastern United States and central California. We have sales/service representatives in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and California.

Our business began over ten years ago by renting equipment to nursing homes. Our rental services have expanded over the years and we now offer bariatric equipment such as lifts, wheelchairs, geriatric chairs, beds, mattresses, therapeutic support surfaces, and trapezes. We also rent respiratory equipment such as medical air compressors, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, CO2 and O2 monitors, ventilators, and bulk oxygen systems. We also rent specialty equipment such as air mattresses (low air loss and alternating pressure therapeutic support mattresses), wound vacuum pumps, continuous passive motion machines, and specialty seating such as Broda, Juditta, and SMT products.

We provide sales, service, and operational verification testing on virtually anything we rent, in addition to patient room furniture, oxygen systems, interior design services, and medical-surgical supplies. We can provide virtually anything that is used to care for a nursing home patient. Here are some examples of our top sellers:

  • Disposable gloves/adult diapers and incontinence products/disposable sheet protectors
  • Flu vaccines
  • Biomedical waste containers
  • Syringes/needles/capillary tubes/lancets
  • Medication cups
  • Bed/chair/floor wired and wireless sensor pads and monitors and other fall prevention products
  • Oxygen humidifiers/trach masks/oxygen cannulas/oxygen connecting tube
  • Refill of oxygen cylinders
  • CPAP and BiPAP masks and tubing
  • Oxygen cylinder holders
  • Oxygen concentrator filters and parts
  • Body wash/shaving cream/skin care/bath products
  • Lift slings
  • Heat and moisture exchangers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Paper towels and toilet paper
  • Wheelchairs/specialty seating/geriatric chairs
  • Rehab equipment such as sit-to-stand lifts, exercise stations, CPM
  • Protein supplements and feeding supplies
  • Transparent film dressing/bandages/adhesive tape
  • NPWT dressing kits and canisters
  • Foley catheters/urinary drain bags
  • Blood glucose testing products
  • Trach tubes

Check us out also for biomedical waste disposal. Our customers have appreciated that we can beat the price of the large providers without requiring long-term contracts. We leave you free to leave us in thirty days if you can find anyone who can provide a better service. In addition to our biomedical waste pickup, we can also deliver and service your laundry, kitchen, and janitorial chemicals such as detergent, bleach, softeners, and water conditioners.

We at Progressive Medical Concepts are factory trained and certified to perform lift inspections, oxygen concentrator service, repair and periodic checks, electrical safety testing, and ventilator maintenance/recalibration checks. We keep track of recheck dates, provide you with all necessary documentation, and provide and install repair and maintenance parts. We have all of the necessary verification and calibration instrumentation and software to perform these services.

Progressive Medical Concepts understands the nursing home business. Our founder was formerly a nursing home administrator. Our sales representatives not only sell, but also provide inservice training, installation support, and in many cases they even repair equipment. This provides them with real life experience on the pros and cons of various equipment manufacturers and product design. This equips them with a broad range of exposure to conditions and circumstances that help them provide consultation on equipment selection. This hands-on experience, coupled with the ability to sell the products of many different manufacturers gives our customers confidence in our unbiased purchasing advice. We are so committed to serving you well, that if we aren’t the best vendor for something you need, we tell you who is.

Because Progressive Medical Concepts is not a publicly held company, but rather 100% owned by a former nursing home administrator, we take the long term view with our business. We believe that if we provide you with better than expected honest and reliable service, good advice, and competitive pricing over the long term—you will enjoy doing business with us because we consistently make things easier for you. We believe it makes better sense for us to maintain our customer base and keep you happy than to find new customers to replace lost ones. We believe that if we can keep our business overhead low, we can continue to provide you with great pricing and service, while maintaining stable and secure employment for our best resource—our happy and motivated employees. We believe we serve you best by maintaining our focus on what we have learned to do very well. And finally, we believe that if we can help you to provide better, safer, and less costly patient care, you will consider us your partner.

Whether you are looking for a supplier for your equipment rental needs, or want to find a reliable vendor for your equipment purchasing needs, or want a value-added partner for your med/surg supplies—give Progressive Medical Concepts a try. We promise we will make every effort to become your full time partner in elder patient care. Click here to find your territory manager.